xXx|GIBS|xXx xXx{RC}xXx

|Glory In Battle Strength| {RC}xXx Royal Cockiee doodles ||LonewolfxXx2016doodles||

THE END I created 4 years ago, and I will end it here.  Well it has been fun.  What can I say for so many friends that i seen and game and mostly friends that have being gaming for 5 years here and around clans.

I will like to say thanks for those gamers that were with me till the end and currentely still in |GIBS| and show after many years their tags.   In which makes

me feel great for once we were on top of the game.  Still showing members around that game uo all the way to 1.51 showing the |GIBS| tags. Even ||RoyalCockiee|doodles tags in 1.51.  I say woooooooow to that one.  So I thank you.

to all those that game with me within |GIBS| and {RC}.   It would of been great to develop the ||Royal Cockiee|| doodles to a establish clan.   Except many gamers are now in

new consoles as well as the development of cod 6 might be like this format.  I see many europeans in uo.   I received many support and financial help within |GIBS| and none with {RC}.

We had both clans full servers at their time.   Right now ROYAL COCKS {RC} servers were full till my final decision.   I will say if you like to continue tdm

Please fill free to game at  707th clan server. Thomazz is one greatttttttttt leader.  Or the old russian commandoes server. They are many in 1.51 tdm and several in 1.41. 

So there is no single place  to just get content.  My decission to stop the clan is "TIME" and gaming time.    I enjoy more gaming without the responsabilities of the clans.   I had my share and

my development of servers and mod servers. Well that showed how popular they were.   So I accomplished what I wanted to do.    So time to move on and see you all around

Peace to alllll  and thanks for letting me in other clans and developed clans.  Clans that i was in and others from the beginning.  As leader and members on my time at COD and CODUO.

[Tw]  The old colony dudessss OMG oooooooold cool dude for cod.

Sniper7      Swal$sugmass cool dude COD

(B&W)  Yo mickeeyy  where are ya at man :(

{BSS}   Yo Stallion you will be miss brotha. Whatever happen to missporter :(

|GIBS|xXx. Hippy  the great one  A friend for life. Guardian, pomowhit, killkill, chick, vladi, capt-mike, 9, bosshogg,rar,bigballs,shazzbot,bigdog,whiskey,sager,fear,p!mp,ronin,OMG viet vet oz,squishydaddy,LOYALbedford and Toxic, Ogre, Brave sir robin, UnionJackJacksonMY Uk brotha,(Ambesh,maahi,beware my indianconnection you guys are cool),Grandstrateguer french connection,glass-skin you still around yayay,Who can forget Chammy chameleon and If you were a GIBS from the beginning you cannot forget DEATH hehe and the last member Marco to joined:D. To all those more in the members list that is history which will remain.

To all those members your names will be there. Till they shutdown the site and thank you for being part of my CLAN at GIBSLONEWOLF :D.

{RAM}   shots coool dude. razor, jager. omg

{EC-506th}An outstanding TDM clan in my book the best.  They were fair and honest in giving many an opportunity to help and be part ot them. Also in my moment of crisis with russian commandoes.  They welcome me with no bias. Thanks to jong who help me get in ec at the time. To my friends CURAHEE brothas Cod94,sparky, bakerss:D, idc, kajser, soleadlonewolf/black23ghost, frodo, clemenza, hemi, spears, seal, foley, killroy, dom, bone, guarnere, malarkey, bull, venom, snow, and many others i gamed with :D.

|DOA|    Viper one brotha from another motha:D no1. Ronin, fox, veyrn, great friends of mine. A rifle clan. I wish it was more popular lol.

{RC}russian commandoes.  To my brothas in arms. To austin R.I.P. To my brotha "vengeance" where are you man :(, To Razor, Jager,warrobi,bar,braveheart,twitch,chef,rockstar,giordano,shazzbot,deathman,vity,wellportalol,hacky faentom we are cool  now.contraversialslash(nice fakeserver)bazzokajoe,kruschev,mantis,anzak,kakalak,gunther,fishy,D34mon,Blitzkrieg, and to those that i gamed as a GoA. Pce to all.

{MF}  We all know him as KRAZY and yes we can talk bro. we are cool now .  Killer,Johnny you guys cool too lol. Pce be the games. You know maybe we game again who knows. :Dw At the time thanks for letting me in your clan too.

What's next for me. Maybe will join soon  {TAG} or 707th.  Rifle servers is what i like now.

To all those that cause disruption of the game.  Well "troublemakers" self serve ban makers "Sorry" It was posted when you did what you did and missed out of 6 months of great sponsorship of mine to the community :(.  Many servers around.  Yet you still wanted to comeback.  This will teach you to READ before you act :D.  The gameservers was a total SUCCESS at their times. Except from the 50 royal cocks slot which people don't read :D.  Good luck.

Is being fun now.  I'm a gamer now for sure. Know I can rest for what I accomplished and shown here with servers and clans pce.  March 14,2009 yayayay :D.  I'll be a gamer officially now. No more leadership for me ANYMORE. :D LOL.



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