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Current Ranks on |GIBS| .  Royals ranks will be later on or maybe never for now is a playground.  As we are heading to the next level cod5. Royals will be the new base home for the new |GIBS|Royal. Merger will carry on to keep the community going. if anyone can help in coming up with better and easier ranks. Would be appreciated. ~~~~~~ You get the credit for now GoS.Razor. Thks for your help.

We are gonna try to keep simple so we can all play and less time worrying about ranks. For the record ranks causes issues that I'm trying to avoid with your help.  We can overcome this issues so READDDDDDDDD carefully.  Let's all get along and do our share for the clan or clans.  I belief all the clans can have all the members together for scrimmages together.  After all we all fight in the same servers. So if you can come up with better results.  hey I'm all ears to improve ours clans. For know I belong with all as friends of your clans.  I hope all belong you will be with us |GIBS| and {RC}within xXx Alliance soon. 

Be nice to all as we have members from all around the world from france to india from argentina to the usa as a cross of boundaries fighting and playing in a server somewhere as friends.   Cya in battle.

Tags looks like this:      |GIBS|Squad.Rank.  all this in RED             NamexXx will be in Green.

It looks like this:                                                   |GIBS|Squad.Rank.NamexXx

If you believe you should be in a squad you choose your squad name and you will be add it when it gets develop.

Squads will take place soon after the birth of servers


GoA.             General of Army                 Admin. if capable designated by A 1 control

GoS.              General of Squads              Admin. if capable designated by A 2 control

LtGen.           Lieutenant General             recruiting and experience shooting soldier

Lt.                  Lieutenant                           recruiting and experience

Major.           Major                                   recruiting officer

Cpt.               Captain                                 recruiting officer

Crp.               Corporal                              recruiting officer

Sgt.                Sargeant                               recruiting officer

Pvt.                Private                                 recruiting officer

Once acquire your rank. Try not to disturb higher ranking officers as they like to play too.

If your kill ratio is very good then we can talk. I mean more than the 3 to 1 ratio  All ranks can be handle only with admin of the websites.

Do not bother this people in game. Only by guestbook and given time. If they do not respond then you may interrupt them.

Please take a look at yourself in their position of helping |GIBS| members.  So they do want to play. If you talk hate or hatret.

You will be avoided and excluded as friends and will not be able to get ranks in |GIBS| anymore and you will just play.

Welcome to TDM |GIBS|{RC}A new wave for a new chapter for version 1.4 and soon cod5 to create and progress yet we are here and continue. Thks to those friends of mine who gave me this ideas and inspire me to keep going and were on my side on bad times and always in good ones for the love of the game as gamerzzzz who come to play and not HATE.




Currentely we have only one server pure classic. In time we will have others mod it again.

If you are quality and friendly person we can get along with.  We may help you in achieving goals

Under |GIBS| policy no one teaches no one.  Those who come to fight come to play.  So in your ways

somewhere you will gain friends and some knowledge.  I reapeat no teaching will be done so don't ask.

It may be offer by members to help members sure no problem.

If you come to talk or preach.  Please go play somewhere else.  We like to play friends with friends

No need for exclusive attention and disruption of the clans or disruption in our games. 

Control    A 1 means full RCON control to those member in trust . Full bans with buestbook updates.

You do not ask for this rank EVER. Is given to you by trusted ONLY personnel.

Control   A 2  means partial RCON control in kicks infos and Temp bans only with guestbook updates

Which to be handle at discretion by supervising activities from Higher Admin. point of view.

Withing the servers.  Do not exceed on using your Power Console commands given.

Any exceptions will cost issues in trusting you any further for the benefit of the members and clans.

And you will lose access and maybe you can play somewhere else. If you don't like it. Surely we don't like


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