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Welcome to |GIBS|

  If you would like to participate in running the console. All you have to do is send us $21 a month via PayPal for me to give you access and software to maintain the new servers going and keep it running smoothly. It takes all of us as a team alliance to make something happen. So far we are making progress. So if you would like to help in keeping this servers alive and you like what you see. Here is your opportunity. Ask those that have console see if they are happy and feel good with the server as it is. You can send $21 U.S. Dollars via PayPal to link located in the navigation bar in the home page or the link here or send me an email letting me know you want to help run CONSOLE at or xfire me at:   gibslonewolf     Thanks for everyone's past and hopefully future contribution to making this one of the best places to play in COD-UO vers 1.4.




P.S. Your help will make xXx Alliance greater and your involvement will create friends you can play with.

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