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March 14,2009


 This is more like  |GIBS|Ldr.LonewolfxXx  This is who looked over you guys lol

Peace to all.  I'll be gaming both versions of cod uo 1.41 and 1.51 rifle servers and tdm foy clans. March 14,2009.

There is only one GIBS site at the moment and this is it.   NO other site has been given permission and no other leaders are given rights but the ones in this site. our servers are retired and some of our members are still active in the game.   In no time i had any conversation with phoenix or his site.  Also no members of ours remember any phoenix.  The last phoenix that I |GIBS|Ldr.LonewolfxXx  ever met. It was when i was in russian comandoes.      In regards to phoenix he was given a chance to communicate with me. Instead he censored my post as previously in russian comandoes. He never did and other clans have told me with ip spoofing.  It was my old hating buddy slashy bazookajoe the "phoenix" individulal.  It was sad to hear that he stoop low in copycatting clans, but you never know it might be just an idiot named "phoenix" :D................... |GIBS|Ldr.Lonewolf


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