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Doodles learn settings


Man had to write this.  The website that had the info for cod uo both versions is gone.


I did a google search found this only.  I haven't tried this but you can see if it works for you and let me know.


Found this online  at


Sample # 1


How to run UO 1.41 AND 1.51 on the same computer:


First, go into your main drive (prolly C)

-->program files

--> right click in the program files folder and create a new folder called CoD151

-->after the new COD151 folder is created, right click and select copy on the Call of Duty folder already in program files (the original one)

-->now right click on your new COD151 folder and select paste (it may take a few minutes for it to copy everything)

-->when it finishes copying, right click and select open on the COD151 folder, find coduomp.exe file ( prolly will see the desktop icon you use to start the game ) right click-->send to--> desktop, and create your new shortcut

-->go to control panel and select add/remove programs

-->find Call of Duty United Offensive and UN INSTALL it (Just UO, leave the original CoD in there)

-->OK, now RE -INSTALL United Offensive (yea, the one you just un-installed...don't ask )


you should now have 2(two) CoDUO icons on your desktop--one for the updated 1.51 version and one for the 1.41 version!



Sample # 2


Lonewolf's  Way to both VERSIONS COD UO 1.41 AND 1.51.


How to run UO 1.41 AND 1.51 on the same computer: EASY WAY.


Go to your deskstop.


Create a folder in your deskstop, lavel it COD UO 1.41. This folder will be the 1.41 cod uo game.  Where you will make a copy. (A copy of the files already installed in your pc by the original disks)


Then go to:


My Computer ICON open go to: C:drive/Programs/callofduty/   open the folder use shortcut keyboard copy or others way.     CTRL A   then  CTRL C.   ORRRR  Use your mouse and highlight all and use your right click button mouse to copy.  Where you can drag and drop to your deskstop new folder.  I say use the CTRL A   then  CTRL C.  You will copy everything this way.


This is how  I do it:


Select All by CTRL A.  Keep the control(CTRL) key down, and drag and drop all selected files in blue to the new folder in deskstop you created.  Drop all files in it.  Keep in mind you copying files. So, you will have two folders with the same info. Now let it take its time copying.  While you wait.


FYI# You can copy by right mouse copy folder and using the paste in your folders like the google found above Sample #1


After is done copying.    Try in going into your deskstop new cod 1.41 and run the game.   If it works great you got it right.


---------> Next is to UPGRADE to 1.51 one of the folders.


The folder at My Computer/C:drive/Programs/callofduty.   Will be upgraded to 1.51 by using the activition software of the past.  Which is available online too. use link. Or, search online for cod uo 1.51 patch.


I can’t upload my old one is restricted.


Is the same as the one online.


Go ahead download a copy clean from somewhere of those links.  Scan it if you have malwarebytes for viruses@#$% lol


After you ready:


-----------> Install the UPGRADE to 1.51.  Is defaulted to:My Computer/C:drive/Programs/callofduty folder.  Where if found it will update it to 1.51.   Now you have both versions. 


Make masters folders from your new folders. lavel them like COD UO 1.41 AND COD UO 1.51 MASTERS each. Store in separate hardrive.  Where you can move them between pc,s, and works with your COD and COD UO keys too.(you do need this)


This way you don't have to RE-DO all this next time there is a new pc.


Had been using this for the last 10 years+


Last thing is to copy shortcuts of your copied folders to your deskstop. Lavel them like CoDUOMP - Shortcut 1.41 and CoDUOMP - Shortcut 1.51.  Which are the ones to quickly run your game.


I think that's all.


LonewolfxXx. 4/24/2017



LDR.Lonewolf giving some knowledge for ALL

                                xXx ALLIANCE

Even my no good friends could learn from this

 hehehe GoodLuck here we go :)

This is so you learn how to use colors in your name

Both in name and chat name while in game

Try going into multiplayer options in your game. Select on player name and erase it.  Begin by hold the shift button and press 6. You going to be using this all the time to select name or chat name by selecting the short comnmand for servers giving as ^^^^^^^.You are commanding color selection in the box by selecting the arrow up here  seen heres ^ one for name ^^ for name in chat while in game known as chat name. Once you have decided to use ^ or ^^ you need to select the same for colors Mananging from 1 thru 0 in your top keyboard. So you need to select the ^ or ^^ with a color of choice that means with a number 1 thru 0.  Example let's use |GIBS| for colors we gonna build  so you will start like this.  ^^33 this is yellow for both name and chat name. Again ^^33|^^11GIBS^^33|.    You have selected name and chat name by using ^^and$$ numbers all together in the box typed with no spaces. I mean no spaces. Keep in mind that you only have so many character to type in color. Experiment to learn is to much to type here. Is only the basics here. Remember  ^1 name and color no chat name. ^^11 is name +namechat with color+name chat color. This is what you are working with GOODLUCK.

So you have for name only ^3| the yellow bar for name only.  ^1GIBS the red name only. ^3| the yellow bar for name only. All this will show white when you chat while in game. As you did not select to go in the chat name format. :).

So you have name and chat name ^^33|   the yellow bar for name and chat name. ^^11GIBS the red for name and chat name. ^^33| the yellow bar for both name and chat name.

Name = arrow up and a number only ^1   red name only

Chat Name=^^11 red name and chat name. They have to go together for when you talk in game. It will show in color your name.

After you have decided and typed in the name box. Select to go into game by normally joining a server.  You can also type this while in the server by binding or by the box in multiplayer options name box.

^^11|GIBS|R.GoA.^^22LonewolfxXx  =    |GIBS|R.GoA.LonewolfxXx   in both name and chat name when i talk :)

School is out........... Here are your colors and enjoy brought to you by................... GoA.Lonewolf.

1 = Red
2 =
3 =
4 =
5 = Cyan
6 =
7 =
8 =
Dark Blue
9 =
0 = Black

Don't forget arrow up first  before the number. 

 Give thanks or a shout to me for i took time to teach this. So i know you seen this for you to be a better player with some knowledge learned here. All i'm asking is your thanks or shoutout to me for teaching you that is all school is out :)

All I have is some skills and frienship to those who respect teachers to pass skills. So we can all play in friendship environment. So let me have my credit and redirect your members to xXx Alliance school here at |GIBS| clans here for them to learn and comeback to your clan for them to use this with your clan tags.  Create and help is progress in friendship for all builds friendship. Don't be a tool and copycat this in your site and take credit from someone elses work.  Eventhough alteration will be translated. We will all know where it comes from.  No where in my 3 or 4 now years have seen anyone detailing this. COPYCAT WORK. I seen this happening and merely it comesback at them in the long run............Goodluck using this.    Binding will not be teach as is abused by members for spamming servers and members get punish because of it SORRY !!!IS A NO/NO TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED HERE AND GO IN PEACE.  Cya in battle and say thks. I'll be waiting........................LDR.Lonewolf.


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