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Reply Admin.|GIBS|Ldr. Web.
10:05 AM on October 1, 2022 
Hi All :)
Reply Admin.|GIBS|Ldr. Web.
5:14 PM on January 22, 2022 
Yea gaming mostly in 1.51. I see you up there in H. Good to see you there. :)
Reply War Pig
1:22 PM on January 14, 2022 
Admin.|GIBS|Ldr. Web. says...
Yo, Anyone around. Stopping by saying Hello :). Do You remember the server?

Damn're still at it......nice!
Reply Admin.|GIBS|Ldr. Web.
3:57 PM on January 5, 2022 
Yo, Anyone around. Stopping by saying Hello :). Do You remember the server?
Reply Admin.|GIBS|Ldr. Web.
8:42 PM on May 27, 2021 
Nope not around anymore. Been busy with family and sports. Maybe some other time.
Reply Admin.|GIBS|Ldr. Web.
2:25 PM on May 1, 2021 
Hi guys still around. If you help out will bring a server up. 12 bucks was monthly. Still the same. Take care!!
Reply Admin.|GIBS|Ldr. Web.
10:19 PM on February 18, 2021 
You a funnnnnnnny guy. Hope you speak for yourself :). Good you still around. You should say sometime nice about me that let you game for so long :). Stay healthy friend. See you later!!!
Reply BamaSamurai
8:00 PM on February 18, 2021 
I haven't been around in a while once my old computer crashed and internet at the new house never got a good ping, but I'm sad to see the servers shut down. End of an era. There were a lot of guys that felt like friends after so many years playing together.
On another note; you ******** were using wallhacks the whole time? LOL anyway still not a fraction as bad as the hackers on CS:GO. All those other FPS are trash full of aimbots, wh, and any other thing you can imagine.
Y'all Take care!
Reply Admin.|GIBS|Ldr. Web.
3:39 PM on February 13, 2021 
Very nice message. Yea time has passed by. So many yearsssss. 2006 - 2020 Those that enjoyed in their hearts and minds will rest. It was funnnnn. I did my part in sharing servers to game on. Those that donated many thanks. The Custom server community rest here. It continues in Europe. It's different and many want it that way. Yep it will be missed. Maybe someday it will comeback upgraded into a different game with this game files incorporated. Till then cya man Thanks again :)
Reply Anal Phabet 283
2:52 AM on February 12, 2021 
To Everyone, thank you for the memories you all gave me on this game. This server along with many others before it gave 1.41 the magic that 1.51 lacks. I'll always remember the times I'd go to the library to play this game, to connect to Lonewolf's server during the 2012/2013 days. Back when I'd always get clapped on Omaha beach when I'd use a trackpad and keyboard, I was only a kid playing this at that time too; Now i'm almost an Adult, wishing i could go back to the good old days when UO was still thriving. "I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them." - Andy Bernard. Thank you for the memories, everyone if anyone wants to add my steam it's MythiccalCarbonite. And if anyone still plays this damn good game, i'm still on 1.41 as Anal Phabet 283, and I'm on 1.51 as TheEvolvedGod. Thank you Lonewolf, for everything. For making 1.41 the best version in my eyes.

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