xXx|GIBS|xXx xXx{RC}xXx

|Glory In Battle Strength| {RC}xXx Royal Cockiee doodles ||LonewolfxXx2016doodles||

Welcome Allies of |GIBS| and Royals


If you like to use our server to create your clan. You can do so. Also make sure to leave your info so it may be add it to the list of alliances.  You can post this info in our guestbook.  Once again welcome to xXx |GIBS| xXx and Royals

 Allies:  website address:  clan leader info:
 EC-506th  Ldr.Idc,cod94,baker1,sparky
 {RW} nited  GoA.Delta1c
 {2nd}  GoA.Callard
  |AM|  GoA.Chris  



 Ldr.Miller & Ldr.Colt45
  90th  Ldr.T.I./2pac and Ldr.locote
 HS diersclan  GoA.Boom

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