xXx|GIBS|xXx xXx{RC}xXx

|Glory In Battle Strength| {RC}xXx Royal Cockiee doodles ||LonewolfxXx2016doodles||


Welcome to the classic warfare DM&TDM& CTF STyle
xXx|GIBS|xXx {RC}Hawk Nest xXx EC-506th {RW} 2nd canadians  |AM|
HS S!CK  90TH |DoA|
We are a group of players committed to having fun and playing hard..  We play in alliance with clans. we use the servers as equal in unity, and build are respecting clans in building a unity of clans and growth of each others clans ideas. We try to serve at best without racism, profanity, homosexuality or above all  HATRET. Come play and experience a nice game and soon to be friends of yours without someone trying to push around.  Servers are free to speak your mind, but keep in mind that is all ages and we do have kids, and others from all around the world. Is the internet so be polite and friendly and you will do GREAT.
|GIBS| will now be a private invite clan. If you would like to join. You can join us in playing at or servers and show what you got :D
Gibgames COD UO ver 1.41 (offline mod)
|GIBS|BoltRifleServer ver 1.41 (offline mod)
|GIBS|UltimateFast.DMxXx vers 1.41(offline mod)
|GIBS|Prst41mg42  in vers 1.51(offline pure)
||LonewolfxXx|||doodles|xXx- Ver. 1.41 (offline mod)
{RC}Hawk Nest 2.-xXx- Ver. 1.41 (offline pure)
{RC}Hawk Nest 3.-xXx- Ver. 1.41 (offline pure)
LONE'S|GIBS|2004Plane Ver. 1.41 (offline pure)
|||LonewolfxXx|||doodles| Ver. 1.41 (offline pure)
|||LonewolfxXx2015doodles||| Ver.1.41 (offline pure)
|||LonewolfxXx2020NewWeapons||| Ver.1.41 (offline pure)
||Bloody[Battlebots]|| Ver.1.41 (offline pure)
Keeping the community active. Without the HATERSSS. We want gamersss only.
CLAN RETIRED BY |GIBS|Ldr.Lonewolf xXx on March 14,2009

  Nov 15,2020 Thanks for the 16Yrs


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